Your team will review the following student projects and prepare to share the following with the group:
  1. An overview of the project including: teacher(s), location(s), objective
  2. What did students do in this project?
  3. How was the classroom "flattened?"
  4. Who did the students in the class work with?
  5. How could you do a similar project here? (Brainstorm ideas, this may be in any subject area)

You will share this with the group. (note: You may have to dig around to figure out what the students did, but I've given you hyperlinks.)
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What Did Students Do

Students from across the United States commented on the suffering in Darfur. Some recorded videos, some recorded audio. The Voicethread was also very active.
They were asked to respond to the following prompts.
  1. If you could visit the camps in Chad and sit down one-on-one with a refugee who is your age, how would you explain what you or others are doing in your country to spread awareness and make a difference?

  1. Write an open letter to Omar al-Bashir pleading your case for the Darfur region of Sudan.

  1. Write an open letter to leaders in your country to make a case for government support of international efforts in Darfur.

Below is an example of the voicethread they used

How was the Classroom Flattened

The classroom was flattened because many barriers were broken down between kids across the United States. These kids were able to comment at a time convenient to them. Students were then allowed to see varying perspectives from around the world.

Who did the students in the classroom work with?

Students worked with classrooms in Maryland, FLA, Las Vegas, Virg, Mass and many other states. Below is a list of participating classrooms
Participating Teachers:

Mr. Mayo 8th grade English teacher (Maryland, USA)
Mrs. Drexler 3rd grade teacher (Florida, USA)
Mr. Moses (Las Vega, USA)
Mrs. Morgan (World History class, Fredericksburg, Virginia)
Ms. Gilcher (10th Grade English, Naples, FL)
Mr. Hodgson, sixth grade, Southampton, Massachusetts, USA
Mr. Woessner, 6th and 7th grade (St. Louis, MO, USA)
Ms. Fruhling, 6th Grade Humanities (Suffern Middle School, NY)
Ms. Jaffe, 6th Grade Humanities (Suffern Middle School, NY)
South Paris Collaborative, Mrs. Parisi and Ms. Southard, 5th Grade Class (Long Island, NY, USA)
Mrs. Osteen, 6th grade English (Norcross, GA)
Ms. Laufenberg, 7th-8th Grade, Social Studies, Mount Elden Middle School, Flagstaff, AZ
Ms. Toto, 11th and 12th Grade Social Studies, Upper Merion Area High School, King of Prussia, PA
Stelzner 8th grade English teacher, Maryland
Mrs. Vicki Davis, 9th Grade Computer Fundamentals, 10th Computer Science, Westwood Schools (Camilla, GA USA)
Mrs. Kate Densmore, 7th Grade World Geography, Lewis-Palmer Middle School, Monument, Colorado USA

Ideas for Similar Projects

The idea I get is to post a current event and have students from across the world give their viewpoint on the topic.


Communication Methods Used