Your team will review the following student projects and prepare to share the following with the group:
  1. An overview of the project including: teacher(s), location(s), objective
  2. What did students do in this project?
  3. How was the classroom "flattened?"
  4. Who did the students in the class work with?
  5. How could you do a similar project here? (Brainstorm ideas, this may be in any subject area)

You will share this with the group. (note: You may have to dig around to figure out what the students did, but I've given you hyperlinks.)
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What Did Students Do participate in a redo of the trial

The students had to read the novel!

How was the Classroom Flattened

In looking at the project based on Mice and Men the students from other parts of the world took on the parts of the characters from the story of Mice and Men.

Who did the students in the classroom work with?

Ideas for Similar Projects

Certainly this format can be translated to other novels, but this would also work for debates or recreating famous court cases.

Communication Methods Used