Group 1 – RSS Reader –

Phase 1 - Exploration

In this activity, you will be assigned to one of six teams with no more than 3 people per group. Please select a group that has an item that you do not know much about. Let the facilitators know if this applies to you before the activity begins.
Prepare to Begin
1) Go to the home page of the wiki
2) Make sure that you have joined the wiki by clicking “join wiki”
3) Click on the workshop agenda
4) Click on Activity B Connection Jigsaw
5) One person Click on Your Wiki page
6) Hyperlinks and information will be on this page or you can just use links here.
7) Explore the tool along with your partners and fill out the information on the wiki page.
Explore Your Topic
Using Google and links below, answer the following . ****
What is an RSS Reader?

What is RSS?

What is a PLN? (Some call it a PLC) What does it stand for?

Go to **** and sign into your Google Account. Set up an igoogle page. You will have mastered an igoogle page when you know how to:
· Add a blog to the igoogle page.
· Add widgets
· Add a search of some kind.
Prepare to explain your topic to your new group and give a brief “tour” of the tool.
What are some questions you need to resolve before you are ready to explain this to someone else? (Write them below. Find an answer – this includes asking a facilitator if you wish.)

Further Exploration (Time Permitting)
Look at a sample RSS page built for Digital Citizenship at – what is the purpose? What kind of information comes to this page?
If you have time, look at some other RSS readers such as Google reader and compare and contrast them.

Phase 2 Explanation

Each person will now go to another group. You will briefly explain the tool and demonstrate it to the others in the group. Take notes to prepare to discuss this tool with the others. To do this, you should pick one or two people to share your tool and then swap with the others until you have seen all 5. At no time should the group be larger than 3. You will also learn about the tool that they are teaching you.